Dear friends of Ziegler fine distillates, dear connoisseurs,

Since 1865, our passion has been the world of fine distillates. Day after day, the employees of the Brennerei Ziegler (fine fruit distillery) devote themselves with dedication and passion to the essence of the fruits. We are able to look back on many years of experience and a long tradition. At the same time, our eyes are always fixed on the future, too: we want to discover and try out new things without forgetting our roots. We consider ourselves to be manufacturers of indulgence. Our customers are gourmets and connoisseurs. Just like us, they love special things and appreciate the small sumptuous joys in life. With our fine distillates, we are able to provide them with special moments of indulgence.

Our fine distillates embody craftsmanship at the highest level. To this day, they are manufactured by our experienced distillation master following the traditional double-burner distillation process. We work with select fruit growers and cone pickers from the whole of Europe. They supply us with the finest fruit, the quality of which you simply can’t buy on any market. Only thanks to a close relationship of trust, often developed over many years, and our joint eye for quality can we guarantee our Ziegler quality – the pure flavour of fruit which makes our fine distillates stand out from the crowd.

Whether you opt for one of our eaux de vie, spirits, liqueurs, gins or our whisky, you will get a little taste of how we work – with great passion! We hope you enjoy flicking through our website and wish you many exceptional moments of indulgence with our fine distillates!

Ziegler Team

The Ziegler Team